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This page is under construction! You can still contact us for more information or to schedule a training. A New PATH is updating our services!

A New PATH provides free opioid
prevention & response trainings
in San Diego County.


Our program will teach you about the causes of opioid overdose and how to recognize and respond to an overdose, including administering an opioid antagonist (naloxone).

You will leave the training with naloxone – and know how to use it!


To sign up for a training, call 619-670-1184 text 619-6990-5800

or email us

Take the training online through the
San Diego County Behavioral Health Website! 

Online Naloxone Training

Please fill out the form below and contact
to pick up your  Narcan kit upon completion!

Narcan Training Registration Form

Our program has trained over 20,500 individuals in the community how to use naloxone


number of reported opioid overdose reversals from may 2014- November 2022 
through our program

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