You can still get naloxone during the pandemic!


In the midst of the growing pandemic and social distancing, we have experienced a high number of cancellations for our opioid overdose and response training. We understand and want you to know you can still be trained and get naloxone/Narcan kit during this time while staying safe!


A New PATH cares about you and your loved ones and would like to keep access to naloxone readily available.

Take the training online through the
San Diego County Behavioral Health Website! 
Online Naloxone Training
Please print the provided form upon completion of online training and bring
it with you to pick up your kit. You can schedule a pickup time with
April Ella - 619.670.1184
we will safely leave the kits at the front door in exchange
for your registration form

A New PATH provides free opioid
prevention & response trainings
in San Diego County.


Our program will teach you about the causes of opioid overdose and how to recognize and respond to an overdose, including administering an opioid antagonist (naloxone).

You will leave the training with naloxone – and know how to use it!


To sign up for a training, call 619-670-1184 or email us

Our program has trained over 10,000 individuals in the community how to use naloxone


number of reported opioid overdose reversals from may 2014- October 2021 
through our program

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Please print our brochure to share with colleagues, family, and friends. It display's quick and easy steps on how to administer your narcan and respond to an opioiod overdose 
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