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Over 100 American adults–2.3 million people are incarcerated.Nearly half of all perisoners in state prisons are locked up for a non-violent offense. Every year 10,000 Californians are convicted of felony drug possession for personal use.

105 people die everyday in the United States of accidental overdose.

Prisons are overcrowded and 85% of all California inmates are imprisoned due to drug or alcohol related crimes.  California now has the biggest prison system in the western industrialized world, costing taxpayers millions of wasted dollars.

Substance abuse is a national public health problem that affects millions of Americans, regardless of age, cultural background, race or profession.

Treatment works.   The National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse reports that within 5 years of their release, criminals who received treatment for substance abuse are 4 times less likely to commit another crime than those who did not.
Rehabilitation and recovery is cheaper than incarceration.  A study by the Rand Corporation reports that Society saves $7.46 for every $1 spent on treatment.

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