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Art & Advocacy:
About the Artists 

These works of art will be in a silent auction on December 11, 2021, along with several other pieces. 

If you wish to purchase a piece in advance,

online pre-sale purchases are 25% off before the event!

ken khoury_edited.jpg

Paul Dean MD

"Desert Heat" Value $2,500

Watercolor has always fascinated me because of its spontaneity. While painting in 
watercolor, numerous serendipitous events occur which result in either fantastic visual 
effects or disasters which necessitate placing the final painting in a place never to be seen 
again! Watercolor is vibrant! I am a practicing dermatologist specializing in skin cancer 
diagnosis and treatment with offices in the Grossmont section of San Diego County and 
brighten the walls of my Grossmont office with many of my original watercolors. I sell my 
originals as well as offering reproductions of my work in a variety of sizes


Ken Khoury MD

"US flag over Koyasan (Japan)" Value $2,000

Comes from a family of painters. As a child, he painted with his father, who was trained by 
Pierre Tartoue, a French portraiture specialist in N.Y., a photographer of Native Americans in 
the 30’s and 40”s, and a landscape and sunset painter in later life.  Ken’s daughter, Charis, 
graduated in art from Brown and step daughter, Zoey, is applying for a master’s in scientific 
illustration at Johns Hopkins. Ken was trained at Watts Atelier and relaxed from his addictive 
psychiatric practice expressing nature En Plein Air oils

Carol Mayfield.jpg

Carol Mayfield

"Magic Horse" Value $250

is a retired Art Resource teacher, mother of three adult children and grandmother of 3. She has won awards for her sculptures in clay and bronze and has been selected to sculpt public and private art projects. In last few years she began painting on canvas, 
creating textures, mixing colors, and telling stories with great music in the background. Art is what life is about. Making authentic, personal, honest and joyful pieces is her way of bringing happiness to the viewer. Color and passion are important ingredients too.


Josie Rodriguez

"Heart Be Still" Value $150

Visual artist, uses melted beeswax, pigment, damar (tree resin) and other natural elements to create her paintings and sculptures.

Inspired by the messy, visceral and spontaneous character of encaustic art, Josie speaks to her relationship with nature and to the colonies of bees that she considers collaborators in her process.

matt steinberg.jpg
Matt Steinberg
"Mother & Child" Value $550

is a contemporary American artist who explores

themes of shared human experience within art,

literature, philosophy, psychology, mass media

and pop culture. After a career in graphic design

he has now turned his attention to creating a multidisciplinary practice pursuing his own

interests that deal with communication, empathy

and the human condition. The artist prefers to

use an economy of (visual) language to create an opportunity for reflection. He draws heavily on

influences from iconic abstract artists Mark Rothko

Helen Frankenthaler and Cy Twombly to

Jean Michel Basquiat and contemporary artists

Rashid Johnson, George Condo and KAWS.



Caroline Stewart 

"Doors to Anxiety" Value $200

Caroline Ridout Stewart, LCSW-President of the Board of A New PATH is a San Diego harm 
reduction psychotherapist recently retired from the UCSD Department of Psychiatry where 
she was a clinical instructor and non-physician attending. Caroline has a graduate degree 
in British Social Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal where she also attended 
the Musee des Beaux Artes Fine Arts School where she specialized in wood block 

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